Tax services and tax litigation

We support businesses and companies by providing the necessary consultancy and assistance in tax, accounting and administrative matters, at both domestic and international level. Our tax and fiscal consultancy services enable our clients to maximise the benefits of the application of various regulations. The Firm not only provides consultancy services, but constantly follows its clients, updating them on new developments and advising them on the best choices to be made with a view to accurate tax and corporate planning.

We offer the following services, in particular:
• Domestic and international tax consultancy;
• International tax planning;
• Corporate finance and extraordinary transactions;
• Corporate restructuring;
• Assistance in M&A transactions;
• Tax opinions;
• Tax litigation;
• Tax audit and check-up;
• Refunds of tax credits for non-residents;
• Direct and indirect tax assistance;
• Tax representation;
• Company valuation and Due Diligence;
• Accounting consultancy;
• Auditing of accounts;
• Protection of assets;
• Generational transitions.

We work to maintain a standard of high-value and to offer a high-quality service.